Let’s Make Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Go Viral!!! By Expert Views on ADR (EVA) Show


In this series, the Blogger, who is also the Host and Producer of Expert Views on ADR (EVA) Podcast show, will be interviewing Students, Lecturers, ADR/ MDC/ TAMSD Practitioners, Users and Potential Users of ADR from different Jurisdiction for the first time- How does Mediation/ MDC/ TAMSD work?-(The Practical aspect), What made them choose these Alternative processes? What are the benefits associated with ADR/ MDC/ TAMSDA? Amongst other questions.



The series was founded on three (3) of the Blogger’s PhD thesis findings, ‘that the Traditional Method of Settling Disputes (TAMSD) evolved to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or is the ‘Repackaged ADR’,  ‘the Need for ‘Mass Advocacy Awareness on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)’  and ‘ Why ADR is more prevalent or popular in Developed countries than it is in Developing Countries.’





ADR-Alternative Dispute Resolution

MDC-Multi-Door Court House

TAMSD- Traditional African Method of Settling Disputes

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Make Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Go Viral!!! By Expert Views on ADR (EVA) Show

  1. Thank you Dr. Chi Egbunike on
    your efforts in makingg ADR go viral. Soon and very soon many more people will come to appreciate the benefits of using Alternative measures in resolving disputes. All thanks to your ADR show! God bless your good works Dr!!!

    • Thank You, dear Tessy, for lending your voice to the ‘Let’s make ADR go viral series’! That is my prayer/intention that more people would watch the EVA podcast show/blog post and appreciate all the benefits associated with ADR and key into it. Gradually, we are getting there ‘poco a poco.’ The ADR story so far embodies the saying- Slow and steady wins the race!

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