Episode 31 of the EVA Podcast: Kenneth Cloke (Prof)

“Ken Cloke is a hero, a role model and one of the true pioneers of the field. Mediation in Los Angeles would not be what it is if he had not led the way. He’s a big giant, and a lot of us are standing on his shoulder. He has an extremely gentle personal style, but at the same time, he speaks the truth, and he deals with the challenge. Ken is both kind and firm at the same time-in a way that helps people move from conflicts.” Attorney- Mediator Jeffrey H. Kichaven.


The EVA Podcast is focused on providing useful, viable, dependable, simple, quality, and affordable ways of application of the ADR mechanisms in settling conflicts or disputes with ease; while exposing the numerous advantages and pleasant opportunities the knowledge, application, and use of the ADR alternatives affords users globally. On this note, I am afforded the privilege to interview the living legend in ADR, Prof. Kenneth Cloke, on Episode 31 of the Expert Views on ADR (EVA) Podcast.

Kenneth Cloke is renowned and reputed worldwide for excellence as a mediator, dialogue facilitator, conflict resolution systems designer, teacher, public speaker, author of numerous books and articles, astute pioneer, and leader in the field of mediation and conflict resolution with a track record for excellence spanning through over thirty seven (37) years of hard-work and continued sacrifices. I am exceptionally pleased to host this very episode.

Reminiscing on how I created the EVA Podcast during my Ph.D. days at the University of Brighton- to sensitize the general public about the advantages of utilizing the ADR mechanisms. With ADR being my core research area, I was driven by the passion for educating the general public on how to apply the ADR mechanisms in settling their respective disputes and conflicts that arise on a daily basis. My paramount concern was how to spread this ADR gospel across – free and at no cost whatsoever; hence, the birth of the EVA Podcast on the online space where I believe many would have unhindered access to listen to it, gain from it, and help to further spread these Alternatives.

Through the EVA Podcast, I had no doubts that the aims of advancing ADR worldwide would be achieved in the nearest future. It is my vision to inspire the general public through this platform and change the psyche and perception of the citizenry from litigation to ADR methods of settling disputes (I call it the peace-making route) in different jurisdictions. I firmly believe that in the next ten (10) years, the realities of the impact of EVA Podcast globally will be overwhelming.

Additionally, I wanted to improve my skills – pronunciation, my accent (to acquire the British accent (lol), I’m so far from it, as you can see, but I will definitely get there), my presentation, and my writing skills. I also wanted the show to be diverse and inclusive.

Of course, I needed permission from my school to kickstart this dynamic and innovative initiative. In this regard, I emailed Steve Reeve, who thought it was an incredible idea and the first of its kind (no Ph.D. student had a podcast centered around their research); thus, the EVA Podcast was officially approved.

I also spoke to my supervisors, Dr Adaeze Okoye and Dr Claire-Michelle, who have been supportive to date (promoting my podcast and blog post).

These aims were realised and my little dreams to put out ADR in the online space uniquely packaged via a Podcast became a reality! I have had over eight hundred (800) people listening to my podcasts from not less than thirty-seven (37) countries!

The EVA Podcast successfully interviewed several Leading Experts and Egg Heads in the Legal Profession and ADR from different jurisdictions.

I have also had massive support from my Ph.D. classmates – Akinyo Ola, David Nzeribe, Bisi Bajela, Sis Hilda Uzokwe, and Ben Brindle (they were so kind and kept encouraging me ). I also had my mentors – Prof Emilia Onyema, Prof Mark Feldman, Prof Hiro Aragaki, Prof David Allen Larson, Barr Ikechukwu Onuoma, and Barr. Nnezi Ivenso, FCIArb who supported me and encouraged me all through.

The journey has been both tough and eventful. At some seasons, periods, moments, and intervals on this great journey, I have felt like giving up, but thanks to you all that believed in me even at my lowest – my family, my colleagues, my friends, my guests on EVA, my well-wishers and all those that encouraged me in one way or the other; your supports have led me thus far.

Most Importantly, I dare not fail to credit God for all I have done so far.

Stay tuned for more Episodes of Expert Views on ADR (EVA) Podcast/ YouTube.


Yours Sincerely,


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7 thoughts on “Episode 31 of the EVA Podcast: Kenneth Cloke (Prof)

  1. Wow. . . this is a significant step you’ve taken thus far, and with your insight and zeal, there’s no question you will eventually surpass the milestone you’ve already established. Keep up the fantastic work, and I am confident that ADR will reach more listeners like myself through the EVA podcast. Congratulations.

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