Episode 2: ‘Merits of the ADR Process’



This is the highlights of episode 2 of Expert Views on ADR (EVA) Podcast which revealed some of the factors that contributed to the recent use of ADR or the rise of ADR in various jurisdictions- which was as a result of delay and cost of litigation. Thus these factors provided an avenue for litigants to move towards Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Against this backdrop, Mr Steve Adikaibe, a practising lawyer in Nigeria, pointed out the advantages or merits of the ADR process with a clear intention of educating potential users.



Advantages of the ADR Process:

Some of the Advantages discussed are -the flexibility of the procedure, expedition, cost-effectiveness, confidentiality, party autonomy and simple procedure of the ADR process.


Comments/feedback from this second episode:

Very enlightening podcast thanks Chinwe. I am curious about the cost implications and who pays the mediators, and does it influence their decisions? –Akinyo Ola

I cannot agree less. In line with the above, it appears that the weaknesses of litigation gave birth to the modern ADR. In real life, litigation does not end a conflict even after judgment. It could restrain and compel obedience but cannot install peace and friendship back between disputants. On the contrary, ADR does not just end a conflict but restores love and peace between disputants.- Kenneth Joshua

This is a great piece of work Chinwe, your comparative analysis with the African Arbitration system is very vital.- Ikechukwu Onuoma

Very clear message. Your work on ADR is very expository.- Justina Dillion

I think this is an excellent piece of work. I commend you, Chinwe. I have noticed how expensive the ADR process has become over the last twenty years. I have also observed that the ADR process is becoming too legalistic and the strict application of the rule of evidence makes ADR session looks like courtroom proceedings. In all, ADR is the way to go. – Kingsley Nwabueze Onunwa

Thank you for sharing such an insightful podcast.- David Nzeribe

The importance of a platform like this cannot be understated. Thank you, Chinwe for your initiative on enlightening your audience on this contemporary and relevant dispute resolution solution. It is necessary to understand that a broad range of options now exist in respect to resolving most disputes, especially in the forward-thinking world we live in. This episode is particularly vital to dispel any initial misgivings people new to the process of ADR may have when coming to the table or considering other options to litigation. A great listen for anyone with doubts on the important value of ADR as a process. Unequivocally I say: Great job Chinwe!-Chika Madu



This episode has thrown more light on the advantages of ADR; thus, it will encourage or nudge potential users in choosing the best dispute resolution process.

To hear the full version of this episode, click here.
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