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Dr Melanie Flint

Brighton scientists helping Cancer Research UK campaign

With fundraising events cancelled due to COVID-19, University of Brighton scientist Dr Melanie Flint is calling on people to back a new Cancer Research UK appeal for donations to get life-saving research back on track. Cancer researchers at the University were forced to leave their labs when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Four months on, this…

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summer school students outside

Our online summer schools 2020

Our online summer schools are free, open to sixth form and college students, and offer the opportunity to get a real feel for what it’s like to study a subject you love at university. Summer schools normally take place on campus but this year we are taking them online, from 14-17 July. Students will get…

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Lizzy Ostler

Brighton scientist to lead the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Heads of Chemistry UK

Professor Lizzy Ostler, Head of Chemistry at the University of Brighton, has been elected to lead the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Heads of Chemistry. Professor Ostler will be Chair-elect for the year starting 8 July and then Chair for the following two years. The Deputy Head (Quality Assurance) of the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular…

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Izzy Mawdsley, chemistry student

3D prints will simplify teaching chemical reactions

A ‘light bulb’ moment has resulted in funding for the University of Brighton to develop a tactile way of explaining chemical reactions. The funding for Professor Lizzy Ostler in the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences and the Chemistry Research and Enterprise Group has come from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), It will be…

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Hal with NHS staff

Brighton scientists think outside the box

University of Brighton scientists have helped to ensure that a hospital’s supply-chain of a vital chemical used in ventilators for COVID 19 and other critically ill patients remained unbroken and secure. The university received an enquiry from Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, who were wisely looking ahead to ensure a constant supply of the…

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Donated safety equipment

University donates safety equipment to NHS Trusts

The University of Brighton has donated face visors, half face respirators, safety glasses, disposable gloves, aprons, hand sanitizer to healthcare providers throughout Sussex.

Prof Sosabowski and Dr MacAdam in the lab

Brighton scientists go back to work

University of Brighton scientists have returned to their labs to make hand sanitizer in “the interests of scientific citizenship”.

Opportunities clearing can bring

In this special podcast, Dr Bhavik Patel recounts his own experience of #Clearing at the University of Brighton and gives first-hand insight into the process.

Brighton-led research pinpoints importance of ‘wobbly’ proteins

New research could pave the way to further important breakthroughs in the development of cancer treatments.​ The research looked at why a protein that can play a key role in the development of cancer binds with drugs differently, depending on the amount of drug present. The protein in question, NQO1, is already being investigated as…

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Royal Society of Chemistry role for Professor Lizzy Ostler

Professor Ostler has been appointed to a leading role in the education branch of the RSC. She was elected to the Education Division Council of the RSC by the body’s existing members. The division “promotes the study and dissemination of knowledge of chemical education at all levels”. It organises regional activities and projects based around addressing the needs…

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