Final year research project submission day

Jaspreet (BSc(hons) Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences) and Lorraine (BSc(hons) Chemistry) submitting their dissertations for binding

Charis and Emily (both BSc(hons) Chemistry) submitting their projects to our friendly school office staff member Matt

This morning our final year BSc and third year MChem students are submitting their research project dissertations. They have been working hard in the lab all year doing some fantastic innovative and challenging research.  The final challenge is a defence of their work by oral viva voce exam, but we’ll give them a couple of weeks break before that!

In the meantime they will enjoy ChemSoc’s night out in celebration of submitting their work (and the second year’s analytical validation report) and continue to work hard on their other modules. The end is in sight now though, well done to all of you!

Final year projects

Our final year project students are entering the final phase of practical work after a busy couple of weeks. The students spent an intensive week in the lab concentrating on their practical work and advancing their projects on considerably. This culminated in presenting their work so far to their peers and supervisors this morning. Well done to all.

Chemistry is not always about the lab though and a couple did manage to escape for a day to collect water samples at the local marinas. Matt and Oli visited Shoreham, Brighton and Newhaven marinas to gather samples to test on the electrochemical sensors they have been developing this year.

Some analysis was done in the field to get characteristics of the water


Last samples of the day and two happy, and cold, students returned with the samples to the lab