EngD Programme, UCL

MRes/EngD (like a PhD) available at UCL. One of our graduates is currently studying an EngD here and is really enjoying it. Supervisor is Professor Ivan Parkin, contact him for more details

Current information I have is below, I’ll update this page if I get more. In the meantime this is what our graduate sent to me:

There are two projects, one with GSK in biofilms and tablet formulation and the other on new window coatings by CVD.

The first would be a 4 year integrated MRes/EngD programme all at UCL. The CVD one I think is a UCL/A*Star programme one, so would involve one year at UCL, 2 years in Singapore and 6 months back at UCL writing up. Both funded stipend (changes year to year but I expect around the same ~17-18K), and I think the A*Star one comes with some extra relocation money

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