Chemistry Journal Club Tomorrow 1-3 pm

Dear all,

The Chemistry Journal Club will be meeting tomorrow for a slightly longer session from 1-3pm.

Year 3 students will be presenting their independent studies topics for CH399 – Biological Chemistry Independent Study Module

Alex Riordan – ‘The uses of polymers within tissue engineering and the properties that make them suited to these applications’

James Moore – ‘mScarlet: A Bright Red Monomeric Red Fluorescent Protein for Cellular Imaging’

Kaivun Malakzadeh – ‘Cisplatin – Biological Chemistry’

Rahul Patel Patel – ‘Inhibitors of Protein H3K9 and H3K4 Methyltransferases’

Daniel Hazell – ‘Use of aptamers for detection of cocaine in biological samples’

Joseph Ansbridge – ‘DNA Origami’

Presentations will be 15 minutes with 5 minutes of questions.

The Journal Club will be meeting in Watts Building W313 at 1pm. Please come along to support the students if you can attend, everybody welcome.

Hope to see you there.

Kind regards

Dr Steve Meikle

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Steve Meikle

Senior Research Fellow in BrightSTAR and Brighton Centre for Regenerative Medicine Secretary of the UK Society of Biomaterials - Young Scientists Forum

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