Summer’s here, but where’s the sun!

At the end of last week our final year students sat their last exams. All over except for results and graduation now. We hope your hard work pays off and wish you every success in the future. Do keep in touch!

Chemistry Class of 2016

Chemistry Class of 2016

PCS Class of 2016

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences Class of 2016









Alongside marking and the imminent exam boards, staff are busy getting ready for a summer of research. We have several interns visiting this summer from across Europe and some of our own students spending time in the research labs. We’ll keep you updated on their work.

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3 Responses

  1. Arya says:

    I’m just wondering when is results day?

    • Alison Willows says:

      Results are published on studentcentral by student number. Final year students degree grade on 8th July, all other students pass list and progression requirements on 15th. The full details get sent home by post for final year and email for everyone else.

  2. Arya says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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