Chemistry Journal Club – Upcoming Presentations

Dear all

Please see the list below for the upcoming presentations during semester 2 at the Chemistry Journal Club, which meets on a Thursday in Watts Building W309 from 12-1pm.

Kind regards,

Dr. Steve Meikle


Thursday 17th March 12-1pm W309          

Dr. Steve Meikle      Senior Research Fellow      University of Brighton  

Microwaves in chemistry

Thursday 14th April 12-1pm W309                 

Dr. Baljit Ghatora     Senior Lecturer      Kingston University

Materials for ocular applications

Thursday 21st April 12-1pm W309                  

Simon Easton      MChem Student      University of Brighton


Thursday 28th April 12-1pm W309                 

Dr. Rosa Busquets      Lecturer        Kingston University  

Development of technologies for improving the quality of water

Thursday 5th May 12-1pm W309                     


Thursday 12th May 12-1pm W309                  

Marta Walasek      MChem Student       University of Brighton


Thursday 19th May 12-1pm W309                

Blaise Geoghegan  MPhil/PhD Student      University of Brighton


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Steve Meikle

Senior Research Fellow in BrightSTAR and Brighton Centre for Regenerative Medicine Secretary of the UK Society of Biomaterials - Young Scientists Forum

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