Journal Club 19th November

Dear all,

The talk this week will be delivered by Dr Liam McCafferty from the Clean Materials Technology Group in the Department of Chemistry at University College London (UCL). Dr McCafferty will be discussing “Continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis (CHFS) of high surface nanomaterials” and some potential applications of nanomaterials produced using this method.

The journal club will be held on Thursday 19th 12-1pm in E33 Galileo Room (upstairs from the 3D printing lab in engineering). Look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards,

Dr Steve Meikle

work, work, work

The Royal Society of Chemistry is putting on its third Chemistry World Jobs Live event in London on the 25th Novemeber. Ideal for any of you final year students looking for possible graduate entry career paths, second years thinking of placements or anyone just to give you an idea of what sorts of jobs are available for you after you graduate. Held at the home of the RSC at Burlington house it is a really easy trip from Brighton. Definitely worth going. Follow the link to find out more and register to attend.


Journal Club

Journal Club is back tomorrow after a little break whilst we enjoyed the fun of bonfire night and all those crazy coloured metal reactions in the sky. This week we have one of our new MRes Chemistry students presenting so please give her a very warm welcome both to the university and to journal club.

Marta Walasek “Biosensors in food analysis”

Thursday 12th November 12-1pm in E33 Galileo (above the 3D printing area in engineering)