Students as researchers

The paper “Cation binding, transport and theoretical calculations of coneptert-butylhexahomotrioxacalix[3]arene tris(acetic acid)” by K. Griffiths, K. Sharma, P. M. Marcos, J. R. Ascenso, J. Nind, K. Cottet and P. J. Cragg has just been published in Supramolecular  Chemistry (2015, 27, 167-173).

It demonstrates the importance of students as researchers at the University of Brighton: Kieran Griffiths was an MRes student, Kushal Sharma is a PhD student, Jade Nind was a final year project student and Kevin Cottet, from the Université Joseph Fournier in Grenoble, was an intern working on his Master’s degree. Prof. Paula Marcos and Prof. José Ascenso are colleagues from the Universidade de Lisboa and the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa. Congratulations to all my coauthors!

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