ChemSoc Night out – update

The ChemSoc student society are now meeting at The Globe pub on Friday evening before heading to the Casablanca Jazz Club. They will be at The Globe from 10.30pm with a sign so you know who they are. They will then head to the Jazz club at 11pm so you can catch up with them there if you haven’t made it to the pub. This is the first social event this year and they would be really pleased if they got a good turnout.

If you haven’t joined already then do give it a go. They have a facebook group to help coordinate things and to chat but they are an officially recognised student society here at Brighton. Look up University of Brighton ChemSoc to find them.

ChemSoc night out

This Friday sees ChemSoc out in Brighton celebrating the end of term. They will be at Casablanca Jazz club,Brighton at 10:30pm, do go and join them for what is sure to be a good evening. They have also told us that staff are equally welcome, no Dad dancing though!

Chemistry Journal Club Talk in W501 12:00 – 13:00pm Thursday 19th March 2015 – Dr Peter Cragg

Chemistry Journal Club round 3 is set to start up on Thursday 19th March 2015 in W501 between 12:00 and 13:00 pm. Our speaker is our very own Dr Peter Cragg ( who will tell us all about his recent and future research.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see the exciting chemistry research that happens within the department and should be especially useful for the current 2nd year undergraduates in terms of their third year projects.

All are welcome, so please come along to what I am sure will be a great talk. Full details on the chemistry@brighton blog below:

Students as researchers

The paper “Cation binding, transport and theoretical calculations of coneptert-butylhexahomotrioxacalix[3]arene tris(acetic acid)” by K. Griffiths, K. Sharma, P. M. Marcos, J. R. Ascenso, J. Nind, K. Cottet and P. J. Cragg has just been published in Supramolecular  Chemistry (2015, 27, 167-173).

It demonstrates the importance of students as researchers at the University of Brighton: Kieran Griffiths was an MRes student, Kushal Sharma is a PhD student, Jade Nind was a final year project student and Kevin Cottet, from the Université Joseph Fournier in Grenoble, was an intern working on his Master’s degree. Prof. Paula Marcos and Prof. José Ascenso are colleagues from the Universidade de Lisboa and the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa. Congratulations to all my coauthors!