The Centre for Earth Observation Science launches its online presence for 17 June 2021 Clean Air Day.

The new research centre fosters research excellence in the field of Earth Observation across the Earth and Environmental Sciences spectra, bringing together internationally renowned researchers who employ a range of techniques to monitor the Earth System, from the macro- to the micro-scale. 

The Centre is built on a core ethos of collaborative, interdisciplinary working and provides a dedicated platform for researchers to share expertise, ideas and infrastructure in an effort to answer strategic, ‘big picture’ scientific questions regarding the rapidly changing Earth system.

More specifically, our academics use Earth Observation techniques to investigate the fundamental mechanics of the five components of the Earth System, i.e. the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and cryosphere, lithosphere and anthroposphere, in order to better understand and develop scientific and technological solutions for current and future environmental and societal challenges.

Watch out for news of our research into the state of our atmosphere and our planet and what we can do to safeguard the life it supports.