Andrew Grantham


20 January 2022, 12:00


MS Teams


In this webinar, Andrew will argue that the climate crisis presents an opportunity for scholars to with regard to research methodology. Drawing on the work of the Van de Vens (Van de Ven and Van de Ven 2007) on engaged scholarship, the question is asked, how can, and should, we adapt the composition of our hypothesis/research questions to ensure that they result in research that drives further human progress? What are the implications for methodology more generally? Can we afford not to be more interventionist in our research and our methodologies to reflect such an approach?

The webinar is not about doom; rather, the climate crisis can be viewed as an opportunity to explore options for enhanced engagement as a means of improving scholarship, and leadership and, ultimately, making a positive difference.


Andrew’s time in CENTRIM (1998-2012) involved diverse collaborative and engaged scholarship, working on a range of projects at different levels of analysis.  His projects include: continuous improvement in new product development processes; scenarios for mobile commerce; clustering of new media businesses, video game development and design management. He has published in peer reviewed journals and his textbook, Business Strategy: Analysis, Choice and Implementation, to be published in April 2022 by De Gruyter, brings together some of the work from earlier studies as well as traditional scholarship.

If you are interested in attending this Webinar, please contact Chris Matthews (c.r.matthews@brighton.ac.uk)