Wim Vanhaverbeke


16 December 2021, 12:00


MS Teams


I focus on the potentially disruptive power of digital technologies, the business model innovations that incumbents have to develop to cope with these technologies and the innovation ecosystems that have to be established to bring the BM innovation into life. More specifically, I will focus on particular cases of digital transformation with applications in precision agriculture, healthcare, energy and mobility. I will explore the strengths and weaknesses of innovation ecosystems strategies, and how companies have to organize an innovation ecosystem to successfully change their business models. The development and orchestration of such ecosystems is a major managerial challenge for many firms.


Wim is professor Digital Strategy and Innovation at the University of Antwerp and visiting professor at ESADE Business School (Barcelona). He is co-editor in chief of Technovation. His current research is focusing on open innovation, innovation ecosystems and digital strategies. He published in different international journals such as Organization Science, Journal of Management, and was co-editing three books on open innovation. He also wrote a book about managing open innovation in SMEs. He was appointed as member of the Advisory Committee of the Research Center for Technological Innovation of the Tsinghua University. In a recent study (JET-M) about 20 years of research on innovation and NPD in TIM journals, he was ranked 3rd in the most published authors list, and 6th in the most cited authors list.