In 1998 CENTRIM received funding from the EPSRC to conduct a two-year study of how managers succeed or fail to implement the ‘Agile Paradigm’ in their enterprises. Since then Dr David Francis and Dr George Tsekouras have continued to develop this stream of research as it integrates the three dimensions of CENTRIM’s mission. Today, many are arguing that all organisations should strive to become Agile. CENTRIM’s research has found that this is a dangerous oversimplification as requisite agility is required, meaning ‘not too much, not too little, of the right type, supporting strategy and dynamic capabilities and delivering wanted agility deliverables’. CENTRIM’s work has led to the development of a unique process for agility-orientated organisational development and a competency model for the development of managers who can thrive in an era when agility is increasingly required. In 2021 Francis and Tsekouras led a one-hour session at the British Academy of Management Annual Conference and extracts have been compiled into a 12-minute video that can be downloaded from