Associate Professor Christine Unterhitzenberger


22 July 2021, 12:00


MS Teams


Christine’s talk will introduce the concept of organisational justice in projects and how it supports project performance. She will discuss how the presence of procedures for the fair treatment of project team members, the fair resource allocation and the interaction with individuals in a way that is characterized by respect, propriety, and dignity enhances performance in terms of meeting success criteria. Furthermore, different success factors and their role in this relationship are explored.


Dr Christine Unterhitzenberger is an Associate Professor in Project Management at the University of Leeds. She is also a Department Editor for Project Management Journal, Chair of the Research Advisory Group for the Association for Project Management and the Founder and Track co-chair for Project Experiences at the British Academy of Management Annual Conference. Her research focuses on the psycho-social and relational aspects of project management as well as project governance and organisation and has been published in Production, Planning & Control, the International Journal of Project Management and the Project Management Journal.

If you are interested in attending this Webinar, please contact Chris Matthews (c.r.matthews@brighton.ac.uk)