Michael Price


18th March 2021


MS Teams


The first part of the talk will be a conversation between Dave Francis and the guest speakers to explore the relationship between Innovation and Agility in  managerial initiatives in Hong Kong and Africa.

Three  situations will be reviewed – developing the market for electric cooking appliances in Hong Kong’s restaurants, selling power into China and acquiring a gold mine in Africa. Michael will describe the managerial processes in each case. In the second part of the seminar members of the audience will be invited to join the discussion.


Michael is currently Technical Director of Joule Africa, a company focused on the development of greenfield power projects in Africa. He is responsible for the design, development and operation of projects and the negotiation of power purchase agreements.

Previously, he was Managing Director of CLP Power and responsible for all aspects of the profitability, operation, development and competitive positioning of CLP Power to provide a vertically integrated electricity service to 2 million customers within the Kowloon and New Territories areas of Hong Kong.