Guest Speaker: Deborah Luffman, Finisterre

Main Speaker: George Tsekouras, CENTRIM Director

The third Open Innovation Workshop run by the Green Growth Platform, Clean Growth UK’s South East Hub helped SMEs focus on new product developments and issues but also decisions involved when a company is setting up partnerships for developing an innovation.

The day was organised by the University of Brighton’s Business School – Centre of Change, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

The workshop provided access to a online portal (INSPIRE)  highlighting best practice cases from across Europe, and tools and resources to help SMEs develop new innovation partnerships.

Our main focus:

  • Strategies to build constructive partnerships that deliver innovation results and create new work for the company.
  • The benefits of different types of strategies, such as a partnership with a large corporation or close engagement with a smaller group.
  • How to ensure you get a good deal in any partnership.

The workshop was based on the INSPIRE methodology and explained the INPIRE poral to the participants. For more information please check: INSPIRE