On Monday 15th the CENTRIM team welcomed many colleagues and friends who joined us to celebrate the work undertaken over many years by professors Howard Rush and Tim Brady as they prepare to leave their full-time posts in CENTRIM.


First things first… Lunch time!

The meeting started with a welcome from Professor Phil Ashworth and Professor Gordon Mackerron (Director of SPRU and Professor Jeremy Hall (next Director of SPRU). The Director of CENTRIM Dr George Tsekouras presented CENTRIM track record on developing Research with Impact.


Professors John Bessant and Andrew Davies presented the academic footprint of Howie Rush and Tim Brady.

Then…time for a trip down the memory lane!

Our friends and colleagues went down memory lane with the CENTRIM team. Your contributions to the well know CENTRIM tradition of the “memory wall” were impressive!

Our distinguished guests Professor Andrew Church (Assistant Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Enterprise at the University of Brighton), Professor Steve McGuire (Dean of the University of Sussex Business School) , Professor Toni Hilton (Dean of the University of Brighton Business School), Professor Paul Nightingale (SPRU at University of Sussex and ESRC, Director of Strategy Operations) and our very own CENTRIM Director Dr George Tsekouras discussing life-long lesson for Developing Research with Impact.

The masterminds behind this amazing and fun event that brought different generations of researchers back together.

We would like to thank all the friends and colleagues that were with us on that day and shared the most memorable moments from Tim and Howie’s careers. Their legacy will live on for generations to come.


Thank you