Dr Enrico Bonadio


14th February 2019 at 13:00pm


Mithras House, University of Brighton


The talk focuses on how robotics companies can use Intellectual Property (IP) assets, such as patents, know-how, copyright, brands and designs, to maximise their output and profits. Recent IP-related litigations in the field of robotics in US and Europe will also be highlighted. The talk will also analyse the issue of whether and to what extent works and inventions produced independently by robots and machines (often, through artificial intelligence tools) can and should be copyright and patent protected.


Enrico Bonadio is Senior Lecturer in Law at The City Law School, where he teaches various modules on intellectual property (IP) law. He holds law degrees from the University of Florence (PhD) and the University of Pisa (LLB), and is Associate Editor and Intellectual Property Correspondent of the European Journal of Risk Regulation. He regularly lectures, publishes and advises in the field of intellectual property law. He published a book on TRIPS Agreement and genetic resources (Jovene, 2008) and several articles in leading international peer-reviewed journals. His current research agenda focuses on copyright protection of unconventional forms of expression, including graffiti and street art as well as IP protection in the robotic industry. He is part of a group of researchers that have been awarded funding by the EU as part of Horizon2020 to assess the area of interactive robots in society (INBOTS project).