Dr Simone Cooper-Searle


24th May 2018 at 13:00pm


Mithras House, Brighton University


There is a growing buzz about the circular economy (CE) in business and policy circles as a new model for sustainable economic development. Unlike our current linear economic system, where products are made, used and disposed of, a CE would involve recycling, repairing or reusing products for as long as is technically possible to maximize the value of resources. This seminar will explore how companies in different sectors are innovating to make their businesses more ‘circular’ and outline policy and technology levers that could make these practices more mainstream.


Dr. Simone Cooper-Searle is the Research Lead at the Hoffmann Centre for Sustainable Resource Economy, based at Chatham House. She has ten years of experience conducting research for industry, academia, governments and the NGO community and has published widely on topics related to climate change policy and industrial sustainability. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge which explored the business and policy case for the circular economy in the UK steel supply chain.