CDH/UoBDA Visiting Research Fellow, Youjin Choi Exhibition designer at MMCA will discuss the history of exhibition design at the MMCA, South Korea

12 June, 2-3 pm at G4 Grand Parade Main Building

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea was organized in 1969, the establishment of the Gwacheon branch in 1986, and the construction of the Seoul branch in 2013. Following the opening of the Cheongju branch in 2018, the MMCA now consists of four institutions, and proposals for regional branches are ongoing. Since the first in-house exhibition designer was hired in the mid-2000s, the MMCA has expanded its team to approximately 15 exhibition designers who execute an average of 24 exhibitions annually. I aim to briefly introduce the practical history of exhibition design at the MMCA from the recent past, discussing how its methodology has evolved within the currents of contemporary art and how the role of exhibition designers has expanded. Additionally, I intend to initiate a discussion on challenges such as the absence of institutional archives documenting the history of exhibition design and criticism regarding environmental concerns related to exhibition design practices.

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