Multimodal Methods, Memory, and Material

Workshop date: 26 June 2024

Location: Grand Parade Main Building Room 318b (top floor)

Time: 11am – 15:00 pm

This workshop will introduce participants to multimodal methods to life writing, research, and creative projects through a variety of mediums. Facilitators Carmen Andall Woodroofe, Kamal Badhey, and Karen Hanrahan will share personal practices of photography, music, and life writing alongside other creative research methods. Participants will leave with strategies to add to their toolkit for practice and research that engages with senses, practice, and memory. There will be an opportunity to learn from each other and share personal multimodal approaches, but prior experience is not necessary. The day will include facilitated micro sessions that integrate different mediums with writing and participants will have time during the day to work with materials to engage with personal work. This workshop was first initiated by these Techne Phd. Researchers with the support of the Centre for Memory, Narratives and Histories at the University of Brighton and will continue in a second iteration with the Centre for Design History Transnational Strand. There will be additional focus on objects, materiality, and diaspora. Before the workshop, participants will be asked to bring some materials to refer to as they go through the mediums and create their own work. This can include a family photograph, song, or writing excerpt, as well as materials that make them feel connected to their own practices. Examples include personal art materials, an object of memory, research journal, interview transcription excerpts, or personal writing.

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