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4-5.30pm, Thursday 19 January
Grand Parade, G4, City Campus


Prof Jacqueline Bishop, New York University

“Patchwork: Essays & Interviews on Caribbean Visual Culture”

The patchwork is an apt metaphor for the Caribbean, foregrounding the process of Caribbean societies forging identity and identities out of the plural and sometimes conflicting groups that call the region home. Within the metaphor of the patchwork, however, a question arises: where are the vernacular needlework artists within the visual art tradition of the Caribbean? Jacqueline Bishop’s recent book sets out to answer this question, and several common themes flow through the ensuing essays and in-depth interviews. In this talk she will introduce these ideas.

Jacqueline Bishop is completing her PhD at the University of Leeds on Jamaican Women’s Ornamental and Decorative Textile Traditions. She is the author, most recently of “Patchwork: Essays & Interviews on Caribbean Visual Culture” (Intellect Books, 2022). In addition to being a scholar she is also a creative writer and visual artist and has had residences at la Maison Dora Maar, among others. She teaches full time at New York University.