The CDH can support your research in a number of ways:

What we do for PhD and MA Students

  1. We run workshops and events specifically for our PGR community to support their research, confidence, networks and skills. Regular emails and the CDH Calendar share information about upcoming events. Please contact us if you would like to propose or contribute to a workshop. These can be peer-to-peer or involve internal and external speakers.
  2. Our members run a dynamic series of events with internal and external speakers that PGRs are welcome to contribute to, and initiate. Regular emails and the CDH Calendar share information about upcoming events. Read on for information about proposing events.
  3. We can fund the research of our members in different ways. Read on for more information about eligibility.
  4. The CDH encourages its PGR members to apply to sit on our Management Board and lead our strands, giving them research management experience
  5. The CDH encourages its members to write about their research on our lively blog, helping to disseminate their projects, successes and ideas.

Funding for CDH PGR Researchers

  • Each academic year, each of our five main research areas is allocated funds (c. £500-£1000) for the benefit of collective research under the theme and that will progress the Centre’s wider research in that area. The theme leads are responsible for allocating those funds for collective research development, in consultation with the Management Board and CDH Directors. The theme research budget is not for individual research costs.
    • CDH researchers at MA and PhD level can contact theme leads to propose their ideas for these funds. Their contact details can be found by clicking here. Please note that all the strand lead roles are voluntary and leads have many other commitments. If you do not receive a response after a gentle reminder, please contact one of the Directors who will be happy to hear from you.
  • We also have a Research Support Fund for individual research costs up to a maximum of £500. Awards should contribute to the development of members own research activity and add value to CDH’s research and enterprise profile. They are normally expected to lead to an output, such as a publication, conference presentation, grant application, etc. Eligible costs include those generated as part of conference and workshop development, research impact including curriculum development, archive access fees, travel and subsistence incurred in visiting archives, etc, digitisation fees or research proxy fees, conducting fieldwork, attending workshops or meetings to develop external research and enterprise partnerships; hospitality incurred in hosting meetings with external partners; costs towards publications (e.g. indexing, picture copyright); advertising. For eligibility and further details, please contact us for access to the Research Support Fund Guidance Notes.
    • University regulations stipulate that MA researchers are not eligible for individual funds. PhD research student members are normally expected to apply for funding available to them from the Doctoral College or through scholarship awards, but may be eligible in exceptional circumstances and the CDH can be approached to top up or match fund applications made elsewhere. Please contact for the application form.

CDH members are encouraged to work across strands and to collaborate with other Centres that are relevant to their research. Applications for funds for the same project can be made to more than one CORE or strand (please be clear with all those involved that you are doing this), and proposals for joint projects are very welcome.