We are pleased to announce a new series of CDH research seminars entitled IOTA II (image-object-text-analysis). These monthly seminars are open to all and take place 4-5.30pm.


Schedule of IOTA II (image-object-text-analysis) Seminars 2022-2023

Open to All, 4-5.30pm


15 December, Grand Parade M2

Dr Cheryl Roberts, RCA/Visiting Research Fellow, University of Brighton

“Choreography of Leftovers: A Rabbit Hole of Possibilities”


19 January, Grand Parade G4 (note room change)

Prof Jacqueline Bishop, New York University

“Patchwork: Essays & Interviews on Caribbean Visual Culture“


17 February, Grand Parade M2, 2.15-3.30pm, note earlier time

Akash Bharadwaj, Shiv Nagar University,

“The Making of a New Museum in Bihar: The Predicament of Loss and Revival”


23 March, Grand Parade M2

Prof Jeremy Aynsley, University of Brighton

“On Writing about Modernism and Design in Germany”


27 April, Grand Parade M2

Dr Suzanne Rowland, University of Brighton

“A Global History of the British Edwardian Blouse”


25 May, Grand Parade M2

Dr Nushelle de Silva, Ithaca College

“Boxes Beyond Borders: Traveling Art Exhibitions and the Technopolitics of Object Care”


15 June, Grand Parade M2

Prof Emeritus Jonathan Woodham, University of Brighton

“Rethinking histories of British Design since 1915: Empire, Welfare State and Enterprise”


These seminars follow a new series of PhD seminars which take place on the same day and in the same location at 2-3.30pm. More info about the PhD seminars can be found here