The Centre for Design History (CDH) at the University of Brighton invites applications for AHRC Technē fully-funded doctoral studentships, commencing October 2022.

CDH examines the production and consumption of visual and material culture – images and things – in their widest social and cultural contexts across diverse histories and geographies. It contributes to an expanded field of design history that embraces the conjunction of professional and amateur practices; digital and analogue artefacts; the decentring of design practice away from the singular object to complex ecologies, objects and systems, and the role of design and material culture in everyday life. It is committed to taking global perspectives on how colonial and post-colonial narratives of design have been constructed and to consider what voices and practices these exclude.

CDH comprises over 50 members including artists and designers, archivists and curators, activists and academics from PhDs to Professors. We have a vibrant research community and a rich programme of seminars, workshops and conferences. Related research resources include the internationally renowned Design Archives. For detail of recent CDH activities, see our lively blog.

CDH research is currently grouped around four thematic strands:

  • Fashion and dress histories
  • Graphic design histories
  • Transnational design histories
  • Museums, archives and exhibitions

Cutting across these themes, we are committed to research approaches and practices that decentre cultural privilege and engage with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We particularly welcome applications that address one or more of these areas.

These studentships are offered by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Technē Doctoral Training Partnership via the University of Brighton’s Doctoral College. For information about the awards, eligibility and application process, and to download application forms can be found here.

Applications supported by the Centre for Design History have had a very good success rate in previous years. For advice on an application and potential supervision, please contact CDH Director, Dr Annebella Pollen, or any other CDH staff member.

Deadline for applications to the University of Brighton: 3 January 2022, 4pm GMT.

Highly scored applicants will be invited for interview, 19-21 January 2022.