We are pleased to announce a new series of seminar hours held by the Centre for Design History (CDH) at the University of Brighton, led by our Visiting Research Fellow, Dora Souza Dias.

Expanding Graphic Design Histories is an opportunity for peers to gather informally, make connections and start conversations about how to bring more inclusive perspectives to graphic design histories. The series will be hosted on the last Thursday of each month during term time. Please find attached the programme for the series.

Sessions are open to all who wish to join us. Please register here:

Tickets are now available for Seminar series: Expanding Graphic Design Histories 2021/2022 at Online, Online.

Instructions on how to join will be sent to you in advance of sessions.

For each session, there are some suggested readings, but participation is not dependent on this.
The first session will take place on the
28 October 2021, at 4pm (UK, GMT +1)
Short talks & round table
On design translation: design history scholarship across boundaries and how the hegemony of scholarship in English language takes place in different regions of the globe
Dr. Chiara Barbieri, Visiting lecturer at the V&A/RCA, History and Research Fellow at ECAL / University of Art and Design Lausanne,
Dr. Gustavo Orlando Fudaba Curcio, lecturer at Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil,
Dr. Yun Wang, PhD at the Royal College of Art, London.
chaired by Dr. Dora Souza Dias, CDH Visiting Research Fellow and Lecturer at Brunel University London
Suggested pre-readings*
Miguel Clavero, ‘‘‘Awkward wording. Rephrase’’: linguistic injustice in ecological journals,’ Trends in Ecology and Evolution Vol.25 (10) 552-3. doi:10.1016/j.tree.2010.07.001
Full paper:
James Corcoran, ‘Addressing the “Bias Gap”: A Research-Driven Argument for Critical Support of Plurilingual Scientists’ Research Writing,’ Written Communication 2019, Vol. 36(4) 538– 577. doi: 10.1177/0741088319861648
*Should you have trouble accessing the suggested readings, please get in touch with us at CentreForDesignHistory@brighton.ac.uk
Here is a pdf version of the programme


Save the date:
25 November 2021, 4pm
Research and curatorial thinking behind Errata

by Isabel Duarte, PhD Candidate at University of Brighton
Chaired by Dr. Dora Souza Dias

Suggested pre-reading: http://errata.design/

27 January 2022, 4pm

On design translation: translating design practices

by Dr. Hala Auji and Dr. Vaibhav Singh

24 February 2022, 4pm
Speaker tbc
Decolonising the Page: The Visual Poetics and Politics of Postcolonial Arabic Publications
by Dr. Zeina El Maasri

31 March 2022, 4pm

Network launch TBC
The Other DHN (The Other Design History Network)

We hope to see you there!