The Centre for Design History are delighted to announce that Cheryl Buckley has been awarded Emerita Professor status by the University of Brighton, enabling her to continue her long connection to the institution and research centre, and to the development of new research in the subject area.

As many will know, over the past four decades, Cheryl has played a leading role in developing design history. This includes her major studies of ceramics and fashion, especially in relation to gender and feminism, her influential publications, leadership of academic journals and learned societies, and the support of a new generation of scholars.

Cheryl’s monographs, edited collections and co-authored books include Potters and Paintresses: Women in the Ceramic Industry, 1870-1955 (1990), Fashioning the Feminine: Representation and Women’s Fashion from the Fin de Siecle to the Present (2001), Designing Modern Britain (2007) and Fashion and Everyday Life: London and New York (2017). Alongside these and other publications, Cheryl co-founded the journal Visual Culture in Britain in 2000, led the Design History Society (2006-09) and was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Design History (2011-16) in addition to holding major institutional leadership roles.

When Cheryl was appointed Professor in Fashion and Design History at University of Brighton in 2013, she co-founded, with Professor Jeremy Aynsley, firstly, the research cluster Internationalising Design History and, secondly, the Centre for Design History (Centre for Research and Enterprise Excellence/CORE), which now supports 60 researchers. In her years at Brighton she has been a valued research mentor for many colleagues university-wide, a trusted and experienced supervisor and examiner for a dozen PhD students, and an active member of the Professoriate. She continues to sit on leading editorial boards and receive regular national and international invitations as an event keynote, manuscript and funding bid peer reviewer, and a taught course and doctorate external examiner.

We are delighted that she will continue her work with us in her new Emerita role.

Cheryl says of her latest appointment, “I am delighted and honoured  to have been appointed Emerita Professor at the University as it allows me to remain involved with the research agenda of the Centre for the Design History and to contribute to its future development.”