Introducing our Visiting Research Fellows for 2021-2:


Dr Anna Vaughan Kett

During the tenure of the VR fellowship, Anna will continue her involvement with the international research network C.19th Textiles and Dress Reframed, feeding into their ongoing programme of events.

She will help to realise the Redressing Histories podcast series with other CDH colleagues. Anna’s episode will be a discussion with Dr Sally Tuckett from the University of Glasgow on UK textiles for the plantation trade in the C.18th and C.19,th notably osnaburg and gingham made in Glasgow and Carlisle. These textiles were exported to New World plantations to clothe the enslaved; a topic she considers in her forthcoming chapter on Carlisle cloth in Clothing the Enslaved, an edited book by Dr Christopher Evans.

Anna will also be using this time to develop a co-authored book project, under the working title: From Docility to Defiance: The Wedgwood Slave Medallion and the Kneeling Slave in Art and Objects 1780s – 1830s.



Dr Suzanne Rowland

Suzanne will use the VR fellowship to continue to contribute to a micro-project based at the University of Brighton for the EU Research Interest Group ACORSO, ‘Fashionable Tailoring for Women 1750-1920 from European ateliers, Department Stores and factories and its gendered social and cultural impact.’ She is lead organiser of the group’s international conference: ‘Women’s Tailored Clothes across Britain, Ireland, Europe and America, 1750-1920’ which will be hosted by CDH online 18 & 25 September.

Alongside this, Suzanne will use this time to work on a monograph proposal and journal article based on her PhD research into the role of design, technologies and business networks in the rise of the fashionable blouse.