Caleb Madden is an artist, lecturer, curator and noise theorist, in the final stages of completing his PhD with the Centre for Digital Media Cultures (CDMC). His interest in noise theory began when he was a teenage musician, interested in digital technologies and early sampling techniques.

‘As a teenager I began to create experimental sounds, although I didn’t realise that they were experimental at the time – it was only when I played them to other people that I learned that I was doing something unusual!’ says Caleb.

‘From there I moved into working as a sound engineer and then became involved in live performances, working as a production manager and curator at the De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill-on-Sea. This created a bridge between the sonic and visual arts for me as I became more involved in live performances. That in turn led me to study for an MA in Fine Arts and I began to think about sound in a Fine Art context and the politics and philosophy of noise. I decided to research this field for my PhD.

‘My research starts from a theoretical position within the field of sonic noise studies, expanding into the theory around visual noise, informational noise and cybernetics. From this starting point I am exploring the messaging of the digital noise that surrounds us all in the 21st century. With much of this messaging being exposed as ‘post-truth’ and destructive, I want to look at how this always-on noise-field of the digital age can exist as a constructive field of possibilities.

‘My studies have taken me into exploration of the ideas of noise theorists such as Inigo Wilkins, and to my own investigative creative installations and recordings. These include my recent visual work, ‘Spectral Aesthetics’ and my work with the Spirit of Gravity collective, creating sound installations for the monthly radio show ‘Gravity Waves and The Spirit World’ on Resonance Extra FM.

‘Through my work at the CDMC I’m able to widen my area of research, including expansion through contact with other people investigating the politics and philosophy of noise. I’m always interested in finding new people to collaborate with so please get in touch with me at’


Blog prepared by Johnny Johnson

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