Talk by CDMC Visiting Fellow Marina Wainer

Thursday 23 May, 4.30-6pm

The Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics and the Centre for Digital Media Cultures present a talk by Marina Wainer, a Paris-based multidisciplinary artist. For the last fifteen years, Wainer has been creating interactive installations anchored in space, creating a dialogue between bodies and environments, and placing the public at the heart of her artwork.

Drawing on her work during an art residency with Blast Theory in Brighton and her work as a Visiting Fellow at the University of Brighton, Wainer spoke about her processes and the development of her new immersive experience, rooted in questions about the complex relationship between humankind, the living and the non living.

Here is what Marina says about her project:

The project I started writing during the art residency with Blast Theory in Brighton, and continue to work on as Visiting Fellow at brighton, is rooted in the relationship between nature and technology.

It is related to two projects carried out over the past five years around the exploration of this theme (Territories of Time and Instants²) and a broader reflection on the articulation between art, territory and the digital. In a context of profound transformation, the world evolves and takes shape in a strong and complex relationship between humans, living and non-living.

What relationships are we developing with other species, the natural elements, AI?

How can these forms of life or existence feed imaginations, build stories, inspire processes?

The starting point of this work are representations of natural elements as if they had a legal status. In recent decades, some ecosystems have been recognized as ‘people’ in many countries around the world. A radical shift concerning nature’s right to exist for itself.

The shape the project is taking is an interactive journey in nature with an immersive experience, both individual and collective.

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