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There are something interesting when I have dinner with my homestay. I remembered one time I tried to lick the butter on the knife the homestay stopped me immediately, telling me not to do that because it is not polite. And if you drop your knife on the floor, you cannot pick it up for yourself for it will bring your bad luck. So next time you see someone drop the knife on the floor, please pick it up for him or her.

——————————————————- From the talk with my homestay

Manners make a man.

In China,  table manners are also very important. Although we don’t use the fork and knife, we use chopsticks. When having dinner, you should never stick the chopsticks in the middle of the rice which will bring bad luck. Never use chopsticks to point to others, which is a rude behaviour. It’s implite to put your chopsticks into the dishes to pick the food for too long a time.

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