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Album photo book/inset layout idea
For the album insert/ photo book i wanted to create a basic layout so i would know what content i would need to create to fit the pages and style. I went onto Indesign and used their stock template - Modern Design look book layout - as a base idea (More)
After receiving a free illustration within my album purchase for WAYV which is one of TENS groups i was inspired to try out my own style. As i learnt how illustrator worked through the previous project and wanted to test out my new drawing tablet. To (More)
My video editing and Prince inspiration
When i was looking at the prince concept i looked into Princes videos and took screen grabs to reference back to while editing. I have added in the list of key points i noted down and screen grabs to showcase how i have taken these and made it work w (More)
Bibliography - Sketchbooks
PR sketchbook Page 1  - "Update: Wayv Reveals “Love Talk” MV Teaser". Soompi, 2019, "Ten (NCT) Profile And Facts; Ten’S Ideal Type (Updated!)". Kpop Profi (More)
About TEN press pack - Bibliography
This is the credits / references for all the photos within the pack all about Ten. . I have attached the page with the most photos on for reference. More)
Time out
Having time out with producing university work due to personal reasons and needing a break to re set and collect the thoughts as the situation has built up my anxiety to the point where i can not produce work for university without high levels of str (More)
Reflection - change in course due to lock down
Trying to produce final major project through the virus and lock down has been incredibly hard when i have felt so de motivated to complete work when my mind is else where. The change in teaching hasn't been the best for me either as i suffer with (More)
Merchandise feedback from fans
Merchandise i designed to go along with the album launch. As i said in my sketchbook i wanted to make sure the items are appealing to the target market of those aged between 18-25 which is the main market of those within K-pop. With an older fan base (More)
Album insert
After testing out mock ups for the idea of showcasing the album and the insert to match the ideas i found through research, the final product come out  well. I have attached a few examples. Full PDF will be sent in through turn it in. I kept the s (More)
Album insert - Graphic ideas
Due to having to re think how i can present my idea for the physical album. I have searched and looked for ways to showcase my album and the insert to look as clean as possible and something thats a bit different to handing in a PFD. A friend of m (More)
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