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Portfolio Research
Visual Style & Representation   Figure 1.                      (More)
Alexander McQueen. Alexander McQueen Official Instagram account. Instagram. [n.d]. Web. Accessed December 18 2018. Alexander Wang. Alexander Wang Official Instagram account. Instagram. [n.d]. We (More)
MEMORIA: The Film | Final Cut This is the final cut of MEMORIA: the film. After further consideration of the Bush archive footage when watching the film through I decided that the length of the clip stunted (More)
Reflection | Part 4
In addition to the success of the offline promotional materials, the online presence of MEMORIA is also very strong. Initially, I thought that finding a social media outlet for MEMORIA would be difficult as I felt that it had the potential to coun (More)
Reflection | Part 7
Learning new things always comes with challenges. So, when I could  no longer use the software I had always used when editing films I was creating and I had to learn an entirely new software from scratch, I ran into some challenges of my own. I am no (More)
Reflection | Part 6
Having heavily experimented on all of the shots I wanted to get from each location, and already having the footage from the other locations as well as sourcing all of the archival footage I wanted to include in the MEMORIA film, when it came to visua (More)
Reflection | Part 5
After much ambiguity surrounding MEMORIA, producing a mission statement that clearly outlines it's reason for launching, it's political philosophy with the platform of the fashion industry, and the goals it aims to achieve solidifies the brand's inte (More)
Reflection | Part 3
I am so happy with how my offline promotional materials turned out. My idea to take stills from the locations I had visited for the film and overlaying them with famous quotes linked to truth, transparency, and corruption was the great first step to (More)
Reflection | Part 1
Now that I have brought all of my research and findings together to give the name, MEMORIA, to my final major project is very exciting. Latin for "remember", imploring people to never forget the lies and abuse of power carried out by government power (More)
Reflection | Part 2
It was very important to me that I understand the significance of what it was that my inspirations were leading me to, in terms of how I would transform them to fit in with the work that I was creating. My research into the colour white stemmed from (More)
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