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The Final Editorial
The denim jacket has been a very important part of fashion history. Levi Strauss, the man responsible for the up rise of denim is one of the most important fashion figures when it comes to the ethical fabric and its longevity throughout the fashion i (More)
The First Photoshoot!
Me and Millie decided that we wanted to do a photoshoot by the coast to take advantage of the beautiful scenery that we're both not use to having by us. We'd looked at other cliff side photoshoots to gain some inspiration and decided that we wanted t (More)
I have been looking at artist Jind (More)
The Second Photoshoot!
The second photoshoot was all about Alter Egos. Both me and Millie styled it and then i photographed it. In my opinion this is not my best shoot ever. I didn't take anywhere near enough photos which made it hard when trying to find the best 3. I also (More)
The Final One!
This was the final photoshoot that me and Millie had planned. Again we both did the styling as we both like to agree and tell each other when we have terrible ideas that would never work. And this time will took the photos. She did the photoshoot whi (More)
After looking at my potential sub brand ideas i decided that i wanted my brand to be based around the unity of nations so that i could combine the Russian and British trends together. As it is based arounf unity i thought that UNITE would be an apt a (More)
Final Zine Spreads
Exhibitions Trip
I have been to seven differnt exhibitions to help with my research for this trip. The exhibitions were: - RA: Revolution: Rusian Art 1917-1932 - RA: Futures Found - The Real and Imagined Cityscapes of Post-War Britian - Tate Modern: The Radical E (More)
Trend 1: Rising Waters
The world is changing for the better and also for the worse. Behind the scenes of development the waters are rising, the seasons are changing, the ozone is dismantaling. as fashion becomes more concious of the deeper problems and not just throwing ba (More)
Trend 2: Too Much Tech
In a world where technology is so advanced it doesnt seem it could go any further, fashion pushes the boundaries with laser cutting technology transfering further into the hight street market making it a mainstream process. There is also a stress on (More)
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