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My Psyche? 05.03.21
    Starting off by creating various 'patterns' using a mix of media. Then were told to make various creations using the previously marked pages; A landscape A box A ladder An animal A plant Then were told to p (More)
Sky and Water 22.02.21
An attempted experiment with mixing dish soap with watercolour paints- made the watercolours stain the pages far deeper and instantly. Basically do not do it- had to clean all my tools as they got so soapy and ruined other works.   (More)
Art That Reflects Yourself (Kokology)- Workshop
With this workshop, we were encouraged to do various random mark makings that would later be used as aspects of our work. More)
Meaning behind drawings workshop
In this workshop, we were encouraged to look at words and links that can be connected to certain imagery. Showing how an image such as a mouse could mean a lot more than what it was at face value and as such, we were encouraged to include symbolism s (More)
Professional Commission Workshop
In this workshop we were given a set amount of time to create sketched ideas/proof of concept work as if we were being commissioned. For the final commission style piece, I decided on the "Don't let t (More)
Drawing Fire and Rocks Workshop
Sea And Sky Workshop
Exploring the Materiality of Drawing 15.02.21
Playing around with inks- painting on wet or dry paper, with wet or dry brushes. Drawing from observation of objects in the room around me.   The last image I tested out using charcoal and then watercolours over the t (More)
Inking Workshop
The main focus of this workshop was working on ink use and the effects of the different angles of the paintbrush. This was also the first time I had inked using a bamboo dipping pen which was very enjoya (More)
Goblin Drawing Workshop
The images above were taken from a drawing workshop looking at light and shading, focusing on strange shapes and forms. Below are the pieces that I created from this. The bottom piece (More)
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