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Individual Works
              ‘Per Una’ [2020] oil, acrylic & chalk on wood 45 x 65 cm   More)
How I manage my health condition at uni
Beginning university is an extremely exciting time, however, it can also be a little daunting, especially if you have a physical or mental health condition. Personally, I suffer with both endometriosis and bipolar, as well as being dyslexic – so I’m (More)
Due to the recent unfortunate events of the Coronavirus pandemic escalating beyond what we ever could have imagined, I have had to completely shift my ideas for my final piece. Now, home has suddenly become everything. The dining room table is now (More)
WEEK 5 - travel photography
I decided to focus this week’s research on travel photography; as someone who desires to travel all over the world, reading travel blogs and viewing the exotic, authentic and tremendous photographs that can be taken in various places across the globe (More)
This week, I took inspiration from one of my favourite cultural arts magazines, Huck.  Huck magazine celebrates independence, focuses on controversial and progressive ideas and is particularly invested in artists who challenge mainstream culture. Spe (More)
WEEK 3 - further research
This week, to broaden my knowledge of photography and to further my research, I decided to look into a variety of photography styles and genres. For this week’s focus, I decided to look into suggestive photography – being a hopeless romantic, this ge (More)
WEEK 2 - Mark Power
Following last week’s research, I decided to look deeper into the work of the Magnum photographers, in particular, Mark Power. My initial thoughts were that I was inspired by the simplicity and minimalistic style of his work in this project. He captu (More)
WEEK 1 - initial thoughts and ideas
To kick start my research, I have decided to look into the talented Magnum photographers having seen some of their work in lectures. Specifically, I was inspired by the Magnum Home Project. With the brief for the assignment being ‘Sense of Place’, it (More)
Mirrors and Bodies
For my final shoot I experimented with using mirrors and the human body. Mirrors to me represented the idea that your own sense of place is a reflection of who you are. I also tied it in with the negative feelings I experienced when coming home, not (More)
Light Experiments
Shadows Using artificial lighting I created some silhouette images, I also experimented with overlapping and opacity in photoshop. I decided on the idea of silhouettes as I think it is a good representative of the feeling of disassociation and emp (More)
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