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Getting Ready for GAAD - Week 3
What is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)? [toc] Featuring contributions from Jill Shacklock and Vedrana Velicovic. More)
Getting Ready for GAAD - Week 2
What is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)? [toc] Featuring contributions from Jill Shacklock and Maggie Symes. More)
Getting Ready for GAAD - Week 1
What is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)? [toc] Global Accessibility Awareness Day, taking place on 20th May, is an international event encouraging all people to think, talk, and learn about digital accessibility and inclusion. Last year s (More)
Watch Parties - What, Why, Who, Where, How
Watch Parties The hottest new trend but what are they? Watch Parties are the digital counterpart of an analogue concept established during the VHS era. The basic concept is: "I have a video that we both want to watch, so lets set a time and watch (More)
Word processing
Brief Overview: Word processing software can be used to write reports, documents, theses etc. This section describes how to work effectively with word processing software to save you time and improve the presentation and accessibility of y (More)
Brief Overview: A blog is a simple web-publishing tool that allows users to make posts to a web page. Posts are usually shown in date order, and can combine text, images, video and audio. Readers can also post comments allowing discussions (More)
Finding and creating resources
Brief Overview: This section covers a range of digital tools that support the creation of a wide variety of learning resources. Creating videos What Videos can be used to capture research or learning activities, create engagin (More)
Brief Overview: This refers to the electronic submission of students’ assessed work, which is required for all text based assignments at the University of Brighton. There are a number of ways to do this including using Turnitin and My Stud (More)
eMarking and eFeedback
Brief Overview: The University of Brighton encourages the use of electronic feedback on students’ assessed work and the recording of marks within My Studies. Choosing eFeedback tools What It is important to consider the features (More)
Detecting plagiarism
Brief Overview: Students need to know about plagiarism at an early stage in their course, to help raise awareness of the importance of correct referencing and good academic conduct. Plagiarism support What One of the universit (More)
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