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Our Eyes have been Paid off to See Things, and Our Ears to Hear
The global capitalist crisis has resulted in almost everything becoming commodified. Nixon cites Smythe’s theory of ‘audience commodity’, explaining that all audiences of media are sold to advertisers, this reproduction of power labour can even be se (More)
About me
My name is Tegan and I am a Music Business and Media student at the University of Brighton. I will be using this blog for my S (More)
The Digital Dress Historian: Is Social Media Expanding the Field of Fashion and Dress History?
Elena Field, Third Year BA Fashion and Dress History student shares her research and reflections on how social media expands dress history. More)
What's Twitters Business Model?
Twitter is a social media network and microblogging platform where users posts and interact with messages that are also known as tweets. 1.What characteristics or benchmarks can be used to assess the business value of a company such as Twitter? (More)
Dissertation stories: Meg’s inquiry into language of weight loss on Instagram
The research question for my dissertation was How do influencers on Instagram use language to promote weight loss products?’. I decided to research this because, over the past few years, the use of social media has drastically expanded with a large n (More)
Using social media
Brief Overview: Social media create online communities that enable the interaction and exchange of information and ideas, and can be used to help develop an individual or group's online presence and in creating engaging learning activities (More)
Managing digital identity
Brief Overview: Your digital identity is your online footprint. This section covers how to manage it, and how to improve what appears online about you. Tools to manage your digital identity What Your digital identity changes e (More)
Marketing and Social Media Assistant
Drawbacks of Instagram Ads
Introduction   In the last decade, there have come more ways to market the fashion brand businesses. The picture at the right shows the ways, how to conduct marketing through instagram. These ways are very less cost effective, which makes i< (More)
Private Vs Public. An exploration of the product ethics embedded in social media
This week I aim to explore the product ethics that are embedded in Facebook/Instagram in comparison to Snapchat.   The parameters I shall initially be (More)
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