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I set up my youtube and vimeo channels today so that they have cohesive branding using stills and clips from my released films. I used a photo of me on set with my directors monitor to show me on the job for my profile picture for both of these platf (More)
Preparing Your Portfolio for Entering the Workplace (Fashion, Textiles, 3D, L6, MA)
Preparing your Portfolio for Entering the Workplace   Wednesday 24th March 6-8pm   Live on Teams – join using code: 5kbqacb   6pm Jody Juba, House of Juba   This session is run by alumna Jody Juba, Founder and Dir (More)
Finding a Job – Part 1: Top CV & Job Hunting Tips
Thank you to speakers Henrique Oliveira, Talent Acquisition Manager at Burberry and to alumni Kate Walker and Olivia Shaw for sharing their brilliant CV and job hunting tips at Wednesday’s Finding a Job – Part 1 event.   A full recording o (More)
Life in a pandemic
This set of images show how life has changed in my home town. 'A small town in a pandemic" convey the impact on the everyday goings on in the town and how the pandemic has changed the way in which we respond to our ordinary. 'A family in a pandemic' (More)
Final Portfolio
Artist Statement
To follow the brief of a sense of place I decided to capture the beauty of my home village Kings Worthy. This is because Kings Worthy has perhaps the strongest sentimental value to me personally, in addition to being filled with scenic routes. I have (More)
In response to the brief I decided the location I was going to photograph was my home, as this is where I feel the strongest sense of place and belonging.  Initially, I photographed objects around my house that were personal to me, that gave a dee (More)
Portfolio Promotion Reflection Post
I am really thankful for the portfolio promotion module as it made me value my work as a whole rather than individual pieces, as well as encouraging myself to promote me as a brand. Ive always liked promoting and defining a brand, therefore this was (More)
Portfolio Final Outcome & Reflection
In the Beginning At the start of the portfolio module, I was only just getting to grips with my chosen specialism as well as thoughts about career paths as a post-graduate. Most of my degree had been spent not being very confident in the work I was (More)
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