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Subject explorer online event – 13 May
Join us to see what it is like to study accounting, finance, business, economics, marketing, tourism, events and law at university. More)
From Brighton Business School to space exploration communications
We caught up with Italian alumnus Nicola Peverati who graduated with an MSc in Marketing (Branding and Communication) in 2015. Here is (More)
Top three place for student duo in final of national marketing competition    
Eloise Scoley and Jasmin Haefeli have taken third place in the final of the Chartered Institute of Marketing's national competition The Pitch. Having already set up their own marketing agency – Squash a (More)
Students reach final of national CIM competition
Eloise Scoley and Jasmin Haefeli have reached the final of the Chartered Institute of Marketing's national competition The Pitch, to be held on 19 March. ​Having already set up their own marketing agency –More)
E-mail marketing
Email Marketing; The e-mail that I am analysing is MyProtein. Before I talk about this e-mail, I think its important to note that I have purchased from this website last night before I received this e-mail th (More)
Digital Marketing "The Gym Group" Reflection
Introduction: The Assignment required a group of five people to be formed in order to assist in improving and developing of a digital marketing campaign for a new or an emerging organisation . The Beginning stages: In the beginning stages o (More)
What makes a good team? My experience!
What are your experiences with team work? Good, bad, inspiring? I am here to talk about mine. Team work is very important in many situations. Each time will be different because each member of a team will have a different personality and react to tea (More)
IT282 GROUP ASSESMENT ONE: Part 2 - Individual Blog of Reflection
My reflection on working as a group during a pandemic "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -Helen Keller My time at The University of Brighton, has been met with a great deal of group assignments. The current global climate has (More)
What's Twitters Business Model?
Twitter is a social media network and microblogging platform where users posts and interact with messages that are also known as tweets. 1.What characteristics or benchmarks can be used to assess the business value of a company such as Twitter? (More)
Anti-drug battle community film by Brighton students shortlisted for London film festival
A short film made by students as part of the Marketing Management BSc course has been shortlisted for the London Rolling Film Festival. As part of the course r (More)
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