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Social platforms & Postcard mockups
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Portfolio Layout :: Visual Identity
  Similar to my business cards i want to create an engaging portfolio that reflects my ability in art direction and imaging. I have looked at displaying my w (More)
Final business card and postcard
   These a (More)
Week 15 :: Business cards visual identity
    For my promotional material I want to create playful and vivid cards that reflected my work over the four years of university. I have looked at typ (More)
Overall the process of creating the magazine has been testing. I made the choice to create all the content for the magazine to show my abilities in all fields of fashion communication whilst using it as a challenge to test my capabilities for a possi (More)
Final Magazine spreads
Environmental Facts (inside magazine)
Alongside the content of the magazine, i wanted to feature some facts about how consumers are effecting environment with their mass purchasing, therefore i selected some facts covering different industries. Although i didn't reference who these facts (More)
Interview Transcripts
This week i focused on content, including interviews for the magazine. I wasn't initially going to include interviews but felt it was important to build context in the magazine as well as have engaging information and facts from industry professional (More)
Media Pack
To accompany my publication i created a media pack that analyses the different aspect of the magazine such as stockists, print specification, competitors and the mission of the publication . i found creating this really helped finalise what the magaz (More)
Social Platform Inspiration
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