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Lecturer Anita Rupprecht discusses transatlantic slave trade on Open City podcast
In the wake of the BLM protests, podcast series Slavery and the City looks at what it means for Britain to reckon with the history of the transatlantic slave trade - and Humanities lecturer Anita has contributed to the second episode on London’s Guil (More)
"I am fascinated by international relations and global politics and how it directly impacts people’s lives in ways that may not be immediately apparent"
Dr Becca Searle and Dr Heba Youssef teach on our new politics degrees - here we find out a bit more about what made them want to specialise in this fascinating subject and how they teach politics at Brighton. Hi Heba, hi Becca What made you ch (More)
Brighton launches five new politics degrees for 2022
You can now apply for our new courses in Politics BA(Hons), Politics and Social Change BA(Hons), Environmental Politics BA(Hons), Politics and International Relations BA(Hons) and Sex and Politics BA(Hons). Check out the new courses: More)
Humanities lecturer Dr Deborah Madden leads census project to be featured on BBC 3 podcast
The collaborative project (Census 2021: Using historical census data to highlight changing patterns in health, disability, housing, employment and identity) will use the upcoming census for creative learning sessions with under-represented local grou (More)
International Women's Day: A Conversation with Angela Saini on 10 March, 12noon
Students and staff are invited to this free event hosted by the Universities of Brighton and Sussex which sees award-winning science journalist and author of ‘Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong’ and ‘Superior: the Return of Race Science’ speaking (More)
Dr Jonathan Watson interviewed about Presidential Inauguration
Tune in to Heart FM this afternoon at 4pm to hear Jonathan, senior lecturer in Critical History and Contemporary History speak about the Inauguration of new President Biden. (More)
Conference | Democracy and Populism: Equality, Truth and Disagreement In The Age of Covid
The University of Brighton's Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics is running this online event which starts today (18-23 January). Find out about and register for the event on the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics bl (More)
Podcast: humanities lecturers discuss the US election
Robin Dunford, Andy Knott and Jon Watson discuss the national and international dimensions of the recent US presidential election. Robin Dunford, Andy Knott and Jon Watson examined recent events in the context of American political traditions and (More)
Engels at 200 - renewed relevance
To mark the bicentenary of the bicentenary of the birth of German philosopher Friedrich Engels this Saturday, Lecturer in Critical History and Politics Dr Christian Høgsbjerg has written a blog about Engels as a revolutionary historian. A conferen (More)
Brighton Philosophy grad becomes leading agency Versa's first futurist
Tomas Haffenden, described as a strategist and industry thought leader, has been appointed in the new senior role at Australian company Versa - his role will include leveraging emerging technologies, specifically, conversational AI. Find out abou (More)
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