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Creating My Final Pieces Submission
At first, I really struggled to decide what I wanted my final outcome to be. I had five photoshoots to work with so my best options were magazine editorials, exhibition pieces, or a photo book. I started off designing some magazine editorials which I (More)
Final Reflection on my FMP
This term at uni has been an unexpected one and that has made me face a multitude of challenged I hadn't necessarily been prepared for. Although I am happy with the work I managed to produce in lockdown, it has made my FMP take a slightly different t (More)
Shoot 5: Personal Possessions
I first looked at Miyako Ishiuchi’s images when I was focussing my project on the more personal side of death and loss. Although my project has changed, her images are still extremely relevant to the idea of ‘absence of body’ and I especially love he (More)
Shoot Four: Desolate Dress
This shoot was conceived through all the research above and me needing something I could successfully complete in the midst of lockdown. I liked the Marni images location within the greenery and also liked Eloise Capet’s series where the clothing emu (More)
Shoot Three: In the Studio
For this shoot I wanted to go back to my favourite high contrast, black and white photography, and too my surprise found some brilliant black and white references on the subject. Although none of my research particularly plays around with light, they (More)
Shoot Two: Party House
After starting on the mannequin concept and travelling to Seaford to pick up two eBay purchases, I found inspiration in the mass of body parts I had dumped on the stairs after bringing said purchase in from the car. The plastic body parts seemed to f (More)
Shoot One: In Amsterdam
The research leading up to this shoot focused on mannequins being photographed as real people. Having started from Guy Bourdin’s series ‘Walking Legs’ I knew I wanted a shoot where the mannequins were shown to be engaging in human-like behaviour and (More)
Using ArtSteps
Using Artsteps I had made a draft version of how I would display my work at the Brighton Graduate Show. This display is based on if we were using the white boards we previously used for the work in progress show. As was suggested for the work in p (More)
Capturing Lives through Object Photography
I had already started to look at object photography when I was still on my first idea of loss and bereavement, and Jules had given me some great references including Miyako Ishiuchi. Object photography is a really facinating subject as there are so m (More)
An Adaption Into Clothing Still Life
Pre lockdown I had completed the three shoots that had focused on mannequins. It had never been my plan to just shoot mannequins and I had already wanted the last few shoots to be something different that could still represent the title 'absence of b (More)
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