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Digital Marketing Individual Reflective
Reflection On Group Presentation In this reflective assessment I will analyse my participation in the group assignment and the skills I have identified to development to enhance my employability skill set. It is important to note that due to the (More)
FB to pay NewsCrop in Australia for content
I see this as a positive development that can generate several opportunities for industry, governments individuals and society at large. Although the final result appears to be a collaboration between two large companies, this does have critical t (More)
A Blog on Reflection
A reflection on my experience of group work for the February IT282 assignment. Planning Creating an analysis of Women’s Best’s online business environment required planning from the outset. Planni (More)
E-mail marketing
Email Marketing; The e-mail that I am analysing is MyProtein. Before I talk about this e-mail, I think its important to note that I have purchased from this website last night before I received this e-mail th (More)
Digital Marketing Group Assignment; Yousra's Experience
The aim of this blog is to share my personal experience producing a digital marketing group assignment and, to identify the skills learned throughout the process. The assignment consisted of preparing an online presentation to assist a group of digit (More)
Digital Marketing
My personal reflection on this presentation   In this group presentation, it has helped us all how to work as a team and be able to communicate to people who we haven’t met and spoken to before and this was a great presentation to allow us t (More)
Reflection on Team Work
Reflecting on my Digital Marketing Group Assignment There are many different qualities that individuals have, which when they are brought together it can be the recipe for a great team. More)
My Experience Working on a Digital Marketing Group Presentation
IT282 Group Assignment- Reflections on my Digital Marketing Group Assignment Task- A group assignment proving a digital marketing presentation analysing and developing  'Pure Electric's' marketing campaign, a new emerging business in the electric ve (More)
Reflection of G1s' Collaboration
“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” (Jobs, 2011). Our assignment consisted of analysing the digital marketing of a growing company. Collectively, we decided on the ladies gym clothing brand (More)
Assignment Reflection
This is a review of groupwork produced by University of Brighton students analysing the digital presence of  Metro Bank's digital presence. [Metro Bank Log (More)
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