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Critical incident 6 - Teaching online from a standing start
In the past week, like schools and colleges all over the world, we suddenly suspended face-to-face classes and within a few days were asked to deliver classes online via Zoom. This has been an enormously stressful time for everyone. With so much t (More)
Critical incident #5: Writer's block - what do you do when a student refuses to write?
The EAP class that I've taught since late January has been quite hard work. The class is 100% Arab learners and most of them struggle with writing and reading far more than speaking and listening. Motivation in the class is variable and I have partic (More)
Critical incident #4: Bathroom breaks and attendance
One of the joys of teaching at university compared with teaching younger people in schools is that by and large discipline is less of an issue. While I hear that secondary school teachers spend much of their time controlling the class and using disci (More)
Critical incident #3: handling possible cheating
As a teacher I always want my students to gain the grades that their abilities deserve. It's usually quite easy to gauge the range of levels across a class, identifying stronger and weaker students. But what happens when a weaker student suddenly pro (More)
Critical incident #2: Error correction
For my second critical incident I am going to write about something that happened during a peer observation. Although it didn't take place during my class, I immediately began to reflect on it, particularly because it's an issue that preoccupies me a (More)
Critical incident #1 - Giving feedback more effectively
One of my current classes is a two-term module focusing on academic skills. The module is titled: "Extended project". Students have to write a 3000-word report on a topic of their choosing, to be submitted at the end of January, and then developed in (More)
'Reaching the horizon' - Critical Incident #5
So this critical incident arose when I was writing my previous blog post. I've spent the last couple of years preparing for and then undertaking the Diploma. That was always my focus, work hard to save the money, then talk to graduates from the cours (More)
'Brave New World' - Critical Incident #4
I wonder how it will look looking back on this period of time from the future. What will be different? What is to come? Will I still have a job by the end of all this? It is currently the end of the first week of lockdown in the UK following the glob (More)
'A Difficult Equation' - Critical Incident #1
Update 29/03/20: As a follow on from this, I attended a CPD session about learners with SEN. The speaker not only had a lot of experience with teaching students with SEN but also herself had ADHD. Other teachers in the audience also had different (More)
'Spontaneous classroom combustion' - Critical Incident #3
My first truly dogme lesson So every Monday and Friday, I teach a pre-intermediat (More)
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