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Graduates 2020: Hannah Millett: Architecture
"The greatest influence for my work this year has Belgian design studio A JDVIV. Their approach cherishes the existing, creating delicate spaces from materials that are found nearby." Hi Hannah please tell us a bit about your work, your influe (More)
Graduates 2020: Jordan Whitewood-Neal: MArch
"My course has not only been a and an opportunity to engage with wide range of tutors, researchers and even other courses and disciplines which enriches your work." Hi Jordan, please tell us a bit about your work, your influences etc "In my fi (More)
Graduates 2020: Nuria Garcia Vazquez: MArch
“My work this year was inspired by a hypothetical anarchist approach to building, which resulted in an architectural language of satire towards planning laws.”  Hi Nuria, please tell us a bit about your work, your influences etc “My work this (More)
Graduates 2020: Thomas Roberts: MArch
My work this year has focused on the design of a future tower within the Ashdown forest and has first focused on looking at an integration. My interest was shadow and light and this has been influenced me throughout my project. My initial interest (More)
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Architecture and Design students discuss their courses and their final year work.   (More)
Opening today! Brighton’s architecture and design final year show
Futuristic graveyards and turning Victorian warehouses into a doctor’s service are among the projects at the School of Architecture and Design End of Year Show. The exhibition, which has (More)
Graduates 2020: Andy Connacher: Architecture
I definitely looked at architecture very differently before I started my course than I do now having finished it. I used to be taken in by traditional buildings, bucolic buildings, buildings that were quaint and were correct following arbitrary sta (More)
Wondering if studying the arts is vocational enough? New British Academy report shows the benefits
Qualified for the Future (May 2020) demonstrates the tangible benefits of skills developed in the arts, humanities and social sciences to the UK workforce, economy and society, not only now but in the future. The report says that the arts, hum (More)
Got questions before you start? Read our FAQs for architecture, interior architecture and product design courses
We have put together the most frequently asked questions from our recent School of Architecture and Design online Q&A. Architecture How much maths is involved in Architecture? Traditionally maths was an important requirement for architecture (More)
Opportunities for creatives to connect, reflect and prepare
The current global pandemic presents uncertainty for everyone looking for work, whether you’re about to graduate, or you’re looking for ways to develop your skills and experience over the summer. However, the disruption to ‘business as usual’ cou (More)
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