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Senses Brochuere
Week 1 reflection
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500 word reflection
I started off the project with 3 main ideas, one being how people represent themselves through style. Some people wear certain garments to eithe (More)
Researching into my 3 main ideas
Here are two test Zines that i made, i tested out two different stitching methods. I personally prefer the Japanese stitch as it provides more of an appealing and clean look to it. More)
These are my initial ideas-Brain storming my three main ideas are : 1. How people portray their body through style 2. How people portray their bodies through sport 3. Comparing body types from the past and present More)
Ballet Shoes
BALLET SHOES This object caught my attention in the Museum of Transology in Brighton. Initially because of the familiarity of the shoes relevant to (More)
Reflection on Project
Looking back at this project identifying my own strengths and weaknesses I have learnt a lot about myself. Overall I think I was successful in my outcome which I produced however notice that in the early stages of the project I was slow at moving and (More)
Reflective Statement
During the start of my first term, I have developed and improved drastically in regards to my studies and performances. It was a struggle in the beginning, however the struggling allowed me to depend on myself. I created a plan in which I would follo (More)
Here is my final design, I decided to go with the graffiti and art design. (More)
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